+ queenxob

Going back to Rosewood after being in Iceland for a year was something of a let down. A really, really big let down. Going from big cities where no one gave a damn what you did or who you did it with to a small town where everyone thought they knew everything about you wasn’t something Aria had been looking forward to. The first week back in Rosewood had been hell to say the least. Mike had settled in much, much better than Aria had. The stares and whispers in the halls and classrooms were overwhelming, especially after they’d found Ali’s remains. 

Which is why Aria had jumped at her parents offer to take her to New York. It was the prefect chance to run away from all of the pointed fingers and whispered rumors. Nothing like a little retail therapy to calm her nerves and relieve the stresses of being back in Rosewood.

Of course, Aria would have rather been in a thirft store, but Ella had insisted on at least looking in the designer shops. So, sucking up her pride, Aria followed her mother into Barney’s and had to stop herself from turning around and walking out. Instead, she shuffled over to a rack of scarves and pretending to look interested in them until someone nearly knocked her over. 

Frowning, Aria grumbled softly, “Excuse you…” Sighing, she shook her head and went back to her scarves.